We will create a marketing training programme that meets the exact needs of your organisation. Training your employees to help to grow your business.


We deliver marketing training that provides real value to your business.

Our training isn’t delivered out of a text book and to the masses, we design your training program around the objectives of your business and the resources that you have in place to ensure a great return on investment. 

If you are wanting your company to grow, and you don’t have the in-house expertise of a marketing professional, then you need your staff to be trained on how to market your business.

What better way than have a marketing training program developed by experts that train, coach and support your staff to deliver marketing that will actually grow your business.

Every company is different, and each company will have a different marketing strategy and plan.

So is it not best to have your training shaped around that plan?

How do we do this? 

We will devise a marketing action plan by carrying out an initial assessment of your business. We will then plan in a training program with your staff and deliver this either on or off-site.

We will then support your business for 12 months after the training.

This will include asking your team to supply a marketing report on a monthly basis to ensure that they are on track with the marketing action plan. We will also provide you with an instant group channel to contact us as your ‘go to marketing expert’ so you can run any ideas, questions or suggestions past us.


Bespoke Marketing Training


Initial audit

We will carry out an assessment to understand where you are now as a business and where you want to be. This will provide us with the agreed goals and targets and information that we need to create a marketing action plan that will work.

Action plan

We will create a 12 month action plan for you based around the resources that you have. This will detail all of the marketing activities that will need to be delivered in order for your business to reach the goals agreed in the audit.


The training will be developed from the action plan. This will largely be training on ‘how to’ deliver all of the suggested activities in order to reach the desired goals. This could include social media, direct marketing, digital marketing, PR and media and so on.


We will provide you with support post training. This will include providing your team with an online marketing report for them to complete once per month to ensure that they are delivering against the plan. A group chat channel will also be supplied so that your team can ask questions and run ideas past our team of experts for the duration of the plan.