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SEO & Pay Per Click advertising

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the art of creating an online strategy to increase the volume of traffic towards your website, by increasing the ranking in a range of search engines.

We use a number of techniques, which includes quoting the correct phrases throughout your site - not just in the body text, but also on images, page titles and headings. But it doesn't stop there.

An effective SEO strategy includes looking at the whole of the online playing field and identifying how your website links to this.  Google and other search engines are moving towards pushing sites further up the rankings where high value content appears.

You can see from this that SEO is no longer a 'technical' art - but actually a marketing lead capability - which is exactly what Marketing Wand are experts in!

Pay per click

Pay per click advertising can be a great way to generate new on-line business leads and sales. 

At Marketing Wand we have an expert PPC consultant who will manage your campaign all of the way through to ensure it brings the best return possible.

We don't just set up Google Ads to run for you - we provide a full online marketing review to ensure that your infrastructure is geared up to maximise on the traffic that will arrive to your site.

We've all heard the horror stories of thousands of pounds being wasted on pay per click campaigns. This is because attracting the traffic is the easy bit if you throw enough money at it! You need to have have the right messaging and processes in place to turn these clicks into conversions - and this is where our expertise in pay per click, lead generation and marketing messaging becomes a winning combination.

We will review your website, messaging, calls to action and processes and make the necessary changes to ensure that your pay per click campaigns will result in a great return.

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