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Marketing strategy

What is your marketing strategy?

Every business should have a marketing strategy. We also believe that every business should have a market strategy that all employees are aware of - so they know which direction the business is going in and what that means to them!

A great marketing strategy will be easy to understand - with clear aims and objectives within it. 

The strategy is the direction the business needs to go in. For example, to increase sales, to generate more sales from existing customers or to take more market share from a competitor.

The marketing plan is the 'how to'. For example, email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, events, advertising and so on.

Your marketing strategy and plan generally form the same document as one leads from another.

We work with our clients to help them put in place a marketing strategy and then we help them move that along onto a Marketing Plan . If needed - we can fully deliver that plan if our customers haven't the internal resource in place. 

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