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Email marketing services

Keeping at the forefront of your customer's and/or prospect's minds is a sure way to increase sales.

So why do businesses fail to do this time and time again? 

Usually it's due to resource.

It is so common for day to day operational issues to get in the way of proactive marketing - resulting in months passing by without any communication going out to your valuable customers. However we have just the solution!

At Marketing Wand we offer a fantastic e-mail marketing service to our customers. There is no need to worry about what systems you require, who will design the e-mail or if the content reads well. You can leave all of that with us.

From managing your data through to designing a sharp looking email that promotes your brand and messages - we will construct and despatch multiple campaigns on your behalf, as often as you wish. 

Contact us today to find out more about the e-mail marketing packages that we offer.