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Communications, events and media

Raising awareness through promotion is of course an extremely important part of the marketing mix. 

At Marketing Wand we always look to find the best way forward to generate a return on your spend. We appreciate organisations don't have an open cheque book to spend blindly - which is why we will always carry out a full review of your business before we would embark on any communications campaign.

Our communications expert teamed with our direct marketing expert will develop a winning calendar for you that will tie in with any other marketing activity to ensure that it is all integrated and working together.

We will work with you to identify the best opportunties and then put in place the material, tools and processes which will be needed to get the best results from the project.

We have a network of trusted partners, including large format print, digital printers, designers, events and merchandise suppliers and media - meaning the hassle of sourcing and managing any up and coming promotions is reduced significantly - as we can take care of it for you!

From online promotions through to exhibiting, from local PR to social media - our experts will work together to bring you the best integrated communications solution.

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